How it works

Proximity Careers App, matches you to only those recruiters at a career fair who are looking for YOUR skill sets… right there, right then.

It’s simple!! Download the App and select your areas of expertise. The App does the rest for you. In addition to listing all the recruiters present at the fair along with a short description of each one of them, at the touch of the Match Me tab on the App, you are presented with a skimmed list of ONLY the recruiters who are looking for expertise that match your skill sets. Additionally, the App shows you the booth number of each recruiter and displays the booth location on a map of the fair. The stars associated with each recruiter are an indication of how strongly your skill sets match to a recruiter’s hiring needs. Higher number of stars indicates a stronger match. 

How Proximity Careers benefits you

Job Seekers Recruiters Career Fair Organizers
• Increase your chances of getting hired • Meet only pre-screened qualified candidates • Increase student attendance
• Meet the right recruiters • Increase your visibility at the fair • Attract more recruiters
• Manage your time at the fair most efficiently • Increase your ROI • Generate higher revenue


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